About Us

Kesbokar is 100% Australian own company based in Sydney Australia. Kesbokar has been developed to be the most updated website for Australian businesses and personal use. 

Kesbokar has designed and developed this website specifically for all Australian businesses to advertise there businesses online for 100% FREE and find the right customer to do business with. 

Kesbokar has NO limits to sell, buy and advertise any business or products.

Kesbokar.com.au has been divided into two section, first is “Business” where you can register and list your business 100 % FREE with few simple steps. This section also allows you to find any businesses that you are looking for with full details of the business as such. The second section is “Market Place” where the business or registered individual can post their products or services 100% FREE and sell.

The Kesbokar team’s mission is to use the most updated technology on our websites to provide quality services for our visitors on any platforms.